About Me

Rachel McCollinMy name’s Rachel McCollin and I’m a WordPress developer, author and teacher.

Eight years ago I was working a dull job for a government agency. I spent almost as much time commuting as I do now working.

I decided to quit the rat race and make a go of self-employment – with WordPress as my tool.

Did It Work?

In the intervening eight years my fortunes have seen their ups and downs but along the way I’ve learned three things:

  • I’ve learned A LOT about WordPress
  • I’ve learned how to help other people get the most from WordPress
  • I’ve learned how to make a great living with WordPress while working half the hours I used to.

I now work half the hours I used to and make twice the money. And I believe that with WordPress, everyone can.

But it’s been an expensive and time-consuming education. I’ve made mistakes and had months where I didn’t earn enough to pay my credit card bill. But now that’s behind me.

I want to help you identify your goals and learn how to use WordPress to achieve them, without making my mistakes.

So this website is designed to help you learn the skills you need to achieve your own success with WordPress.

Why Me?

Who am I to tell you how to become successful with WordPress?

Here’s what I’ve achieved.

I’ve built custom WordPress sites for clients large and small. I’ve created thousands of articles, tutorials, courses and videos for clients like WPMU DEV, Automattic, tutsplus and Smashing Magazine. I’ve had four WordPress books published and am writing my fifth (and sixth) right now.

I regularly turn down work, both as a developer and a writer. I do that because I’ve worked out my priorities and I know when to say no.

You Can Do It Too

The market for people with WordPress skills is huge – and growing. And you can take advantage of it.

This site will provide you with tips, tuts and resources to help you learn WordPress in the way that helps you achieve your goals. That could be as a developer, a business owner or a freelancer. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – IT, creative, retail, service, blogging, manufacturing – WordPress can help you succeed.

Whoever you are, WordPress is your tool. And I can help you learn it.

Join me in harnessing the power of WordPress. You won’t regret it.