Get Started with WordPress Code

This post is a roundup of articles, tutorials, videos and books which will help you learn to write code for WordPress.

These resources will be useful whether you’re:

  • A site owner who wants to tweak your own code
  • Experienced with code but haven’t coded PHP before
  • Someone who wants to lean WordPress coding for school or college
  • Aiming to build a crier with WordPress and just getting started
  • Wanting to have total control over your website by citing your own theme
  • A beginner WordPress developer.
Getting started with your WordPress website

Some of the videos require a subscription – others (and all of the written resources) are free.

Note: the links below aren’t complete just yet. I’ll be adding to them on a frequent basis. Please sign up for my newsletter and I’ll update you when I add new resources.

Introduction to Coding for WordPress

  • How WordPress works
  • Introduction to PHP
  • HTML5 and WordPress

Coding Your Own Theme

  • Creating a theme from static HTML
  • Beginner’s Theme Development (book)
  • Guide to theme template files
  • The WordPress theme template hierarchy
  • The functions file explained
  • Including files in your theme

More Advanced Theme Development

  • Creating a framework theme
  • Approaches to theme development
  • Choosing a third party theme framework
  • Parent and child themes

Writing Plugins

  • When to use a plugin and the to use the functions file
  • Creating your first plugin
  • Action and filter hooks – a guide
  • Action and filter hooks – what’s the difference?
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