Is your goal to be a successful WordPress developer, or to learn to code your own website? Here you’ll find the tools you need to learn.

How to set up SSL in WordPress

SSL is becoming more of a consideration for WordPress developers. Not only will you need it if you’re developing a transactional website, but now it could affect your SEO too. In this quick tip I’ll show you how easy it is to make your WordPress site more secure. What is SSL and Why Use It? […]

Theme Development – posts and tutorials

A roundup of some of my favourite tutorials, books and videos that I’ve produced on WordPress theme development, including using and building themes, the Customizer, child themes and more.

WordPress Jargon Buster

Do you sit at the back of WordCamps wondering what on earth people are talking about? Be confused no more with my A to Z of WordPress terminology!

Learn All About WordPress Multisite

Updated on October 12 2016. I’m a huge fan of WordPress Multisite. I use it to host three very different networks, and think it’s the most useful aspect of WordPress. Without it, I’d have about a hundred separate WordPress installations! Here are some of the posts/videos I’ve written/recorded about WordPress Multisite. I’ll update this post […]

WordPress Multisite – Myth Buster

People are sometimes nervous about using Multisite because they have preconceptions about what it can and can’t do. In this talk which I gave to the WordPress Birmingham group, I aim to bust some of those myths and convince you that Multisite is great! FindĀ more resources on MultisiteĀ in the Multisite section of my blog. The […]

Learn everything you need to know about the functions.php file

If you’re building themes, the chances are you’ve used the functions file. But you might not be using it correctly: Maybe you’re using it to stash code snippets you’ve copied and pasted from sources around the web. Maybe you’re using it for code that really should be in a plugin. In this post for WPMU […]