Mobile Forms: Coding Them Correctly

In this tutorial I’ll focus on the UX for forms on mobile devices, taking you through the techniques to improve your forms on mobile (and as a side effect, on desktop too). We’ll start with a simple, unstyled and unoptimised form and work through the steps necessary to increase the number of users who’ll complete that form because they find it easier to do so.

The Joy of Junior Hacking

“I think I might be in trouble. My ten year old son has started learning HTML and in the first 24 hours he made as much progress as I did in my first month of learning it.”

4 UX Tips to Make Your Website Users Happy

“User experience is crucial: without it, your website won’t attract and hold onto users, won’t sell anything, provide a service, get any fans or make money from advertising.”

Roles and the WordPress admin

When you’re setting up users in WordPress it’s helpful to know which admin screens each user role has access to. here’s the lowdown.

WordPress: Pushing the Limits

WordPress: Pushing the Limits is aimed at WordPress professionals and developers who want to improve their WordPress skills to an advanced level and use them to build a business or a career from WordPress development. In this section of the site you’ll find: Code bundles accompanying the book (via the Wiley website) Detailed information on […]