Roles and the WordPress admin

The WordPress admin menu, as seen by an administrator WordPress comes with six default user roles, which control the level of access each user has to the site or installation. These are:

  • Super Admin – only relevant to multisite networks, users with this role can make changes to the network, to the sites in it, and to installed themes and plugins.
  • Administrator – In a standard installation, this role has access to all the administration features. In the case of multisite, users with this role can’t install plugins or themes.
  • Editor – can publish and manage posts and pages as well as manage other users’ posts, etc.
  • Author – can publish and manage their own posts
  • Contributor – can write and manage their own posts but not publish them
  • Subscriber – can only manage their profile and not write, edit or manage posts

Each of these roles has a set of capabilities assigned to it, which are what define exactly what holders of that role can do. The codex has a full list of capabilities by role. But what about the WordPress admin? I’ve been doing some research on which menu items and screens each role has access to and thought it might be helpful to share what I’ve found here. It’s important to note that not all roles have access to the same fields etc. on each screen (for example on a Multisite installation, the Super Admin has access to the ‘add new’ button on the Themes screen, while an admin doesn’t – but in s a standard installation, the admin does). I’ve marked with an asterisk any screens which admin users have access to in a standard installation but not in Multisite.

Menu item Super admin Admin Editor Author Contributor Subscriber
Dashboard x x x x x x
Sites – all sites x          
Sites – add new x          
Posts – all posts x x x x x  
Posts – add new x x x x x  
Posts – categories x x x      
Posts – tags x x x      
Media – Library x x x x x  
Media – add new x x x x x  
Pages – all pages x x x      
Pages – add new x x x      
Comments x x x x x  
Appearance – themes x x        
Appearance – widgets x x        
Appearance – menus x x        
Appearance – editor x x        
Plugins – installed plugins x x        
Plugins – add new x x*        
Plugins – editor x x*        
Users – all users x x        
Users – add new x x        
Users – your profile (called Profile for non-admin users) x x x x x x
Tools – available tools (called Tools) to non-admin users) x x x x    
Tools – import x x        
Tools – export x x        
Settings – general x x        
Settings – writing x x        
Settings – reading x x        
Settings – discussion x x        
Settings – media x x        
Settings – permalinks x x        
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