This Year’s Hot Topic – the WP-REST API

Everyone’s talking about the REST API this year. From head-scratching over whether it’s ready yet, to grand claims that it will become a component of 100% of the web, it seems we’ve all got an opinion.

I have a few opinions, but they’re constantly shifting in response to how the API is being developed, what I read and the opportunities I see for it.

In a nutshell, I think it has bags of potential, but also carries some risks. The main one being that in all the excitement to adopt it and embrace it as the future of WordPress, the millions of people who are WordPress users and beginner developers get left behind.

WordPress is so huge (25% of the web is MASSIVE) because it’s democratic: it’s free and it has a very shallow learning curve compared to other CMSes. The REST API has a much, much steeper learning curve. Learning JavaScript ‘deeply’ isn’t for everyone.

So I think it’s important the rest of us don’t get left behind, but I think there’s real potential for tools which non-coders (or beginner coders) can use which will harness the REST API, such as single page applications, completely new admin systems, and app building tools.

I look forward to seeing how it all pans out, but in the meantime here’s some of what I’ve been writing for WPMU DEV on the topic:

I’ve got more posts in the pipeline about this – so watch this space!

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